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Photon Technology

The Photon nanotechnology was develop through a highly sophisticated process. The Photon emits far-infrared waves, with the intensity equal to the photons emitted by the sun, which is fundamental for health maintenance.

When a sufficient presence of Photon does not exist, wide clusters of water molecules form.  This is unfavorable for cells, because it permits toxins to accumulate in your interior.  However, in the presence of Photon, the cluster is untied which is good for a better quality of life and welfare.

Negative Ion Technology

The Photon Ion is the newest generation of Photon Nanotechnology.

Negative ions are capable of restoring the oxygens on the ambient. Lots of negative ions are found in natural places like forests, waterfalls, and at the beach.

Large towns and city environments generally have far more positive ions and far less negative ions in the air when compared to country environments. An excess of positive ions in our environment contribute to tiredness and a lack of energy, tension, anxiety, irritability and also prejudice our immune system.

The new Photon Generation, Photon Ion is capable of emitting soothing negative ions.

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