In 1975 K&P Photon was founded in Japan with a mission of promoting a better quality of life for all human beings.

In 1983, the Japan’s Board of Directors decided to implant a K&P Photon unit in Brazil. With the same mission, Brazilian’s unit had great success. It’s peak was in 1989, achieving 33,000 products sold per month. Today, more than 8,000,000 Brazilians are benefited with Photon Products.

Even with this success, in 1997, Japans unit became disinterested in the Brazilian market. When two Brazilian Directors, Mr. Sergio Kozuka and Mr. Renato Kotsuka, believing in the products technology and on the Brazilian Market, decided to keep the K&P Photon business in Brazil. For decades, they worked hard and built a magnificent company, creating high technology products, promoting employment and building a big and efficient network marketing sales team.

The K&P Photon Group keeps growing, producing and creating new products to help more human beings have a better quality of life and financial freedom. The K&P Photon Group is expanding to the United States of America and hopes to benefit as many people as possible. K&P Photon was built to become a centenary company with the union and power of it’s clients, distributors, employees and succession line.

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